Police Concerned about Growing Regional Drug Trend

Suffield Police are concerned about the growing prevalence of “Dabs”; which is one form of a marijuana concentrate consisting of drugs and consumable products where the primary psychoactive substance in marijuana (i.e., cannabis, THC,) is extracted from the Cannabis plant, often using a cheap and effective solvent such as butane, carbon dioxide (CO2), ethanol, or isopropyl alcohol.

A Welcoming Lady

Symbols are powerful signs that can evoke love, hate, joy, sorrow, triumph, and many more emotions. One of America’s iconic symbols is the Statue of Liberty.

A Walk on Main Street

If you are a dog owner that enjoys walking your pet on our beautiful, historic Main Street, please remember to pick up your dog waste and plastic waste bags.

Drug Recognition and Safety Training Given

On March 1, the Suffield Police Department, in conjunction with the Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association (SVAA), held an evening training seminar at the Suffield Ambulance facility entitled Street Drug Recognition/First Responder Safety.

Norwegian Air Welcomed

At Bradley International Airport on February 23, Lars Sande, senior vice president for sales of Norwegian Air International, responds to the welcome his company had received from Governor Dannel Malloy, partially hidden behind Sande.