Books Moved, Library Opening Scheduled

On April 23, immediately after the Observer’s May issue went to press, First Selectman Melissa Mack announced that the Kent Memorial Library would reopen on Saturday, June 29. There were still a number of tasks to complete, but it looked as if the June 29 date would work, including word from principal donor Michael Zak that he could be present.

Get Involved Before It Is Too Late

There are issues today in America that are happening and it scares me. It scares me because they are happening without our knowledge or consent.

Measles – A Battle Report

Connecticut has one of the nation’s highest rates of vaccination for the measles virus. Many of our State’s legislators, including Governor Lamont, have expressed serious concern with our State’s compliance rate.

Connector Road

An important issue that has troubled and eluded our town for many years is the lack of a connector road from Bradley International Airport to the Enfield-Suffield Bridge to divert traffic from Main Street. It is a proposal that I vigorously advocated as First Selectman, but I could not get traction at the time.

First Selectman’s Update

In my March column, I detailed my vision for a vibrant Town Center and Suffield’s fiscal independence through commercial development, necessitating moving the Town Highway Garage. Now we’re knee deep in spring, and what better time to get into the weeds of the relocation?

Volunteer Listing Is Growing

In the May, Observer issue, we published a partial list of local organizations that welcome volunteers. As we were reminded by readers, there are others that we did not include that are equally deserving of being recognized as fine places to volunteer – actually many, many, others.

Pay To Play

Our recent Town budget includes a potential Pay to Play option going into effect for future school years despite overwhelming comments at the last meeting to not have this happen. I believe the Pay to Play fees will pertain to athletics and potentially, clubs/activities at SHS and/or SMS.

My concern is that we are pricing some students out of participating in said activities.