New Observer Feature

The Observer’s newest feature appears here. In an earlier edition I had written that a friend suggested that our community would enjoy reading about the many people, either from or still residing in Suffield, who are making their mark in the world and have experienced success in their chosen field.

Save the Date!

The Suffield Fireman’s Association will hold it’s Family Day in conjunction with the Police Department’s National Night Out on Saturday, August 4th at Spaulding school from 4 to 9:30 p.m.

The Coming of the Reaper

Pedaling on Clay Creek Drive a week ago, along the field, I caught a flash of yellow in the corner of my eye and turned to see a bobolink perched on a stalk in full-throated glory. He’s jet black with white shoulders and back, and a brilliant yellow cap.

Memorial Day Observed

The threatened rain postponed itself and the temperature was comfortably cool, so conditions during Suffield’s Memorial Day observance on May 28 were fine for the customary short parade up Mountain Road and traditional ceremony on Veteran’s Park.

Bixler Picnic – A Huge Success!

Dear Friends of Stephen,

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone that has made the Annual CPL Stephen R. Bixler Picnic another huge success this year. Although we were plagued with rain and cold winds all day, that didn’t stop anyone from coming to honor and remember Stephen.

New Hires in Suffield

The Town of Suffield announces the hiring of Peter R. Leclerc as Director of Parks & Recreation and Christopher Matejek as Facilities Manager. Both positions fill current vacancies.

Solar Farm Unveiled

Located at Kevin Sullivan’s farm at 1005 North Street, the project was developed, built, financed and is currently owned by Lodestar Energy.