The kids are alright

Early in November, three Suffield Observer volunteers and I were scheduled to speak to fifth graders at McAlister Intermediate School for a unit on journalism. Because of the pandemic, the show would be virtual.

Can You Feel It?

This is my second attempt at writing something about the outrage that has engulfed our nation in the wake of George Floyd’s killing at the hands of Minneapolis, Minn., police.

This is our time to shine

Thirty-five years ago, I worked in a mailroom at a company outside New York City. It was a busy job, but it afforded wonderfully long breaks twice a day where employees would drink coffee and chit-chat.

The more things change…

In 2013, workers digging a new high-speed rail underneath London unearthed a 14-century plague pit holding 25 victims of the Black Death. The discovery allowed researchers to extract DNA from the victims’ teeth and identify the deadly disease — Yersinia Pestis, which surprisingly is still around and simply treated by antibiotics.

Why are you asking me?

I usually don’t miss opportunities to vote. I view the act of voting a secular sacrament. As with other faiths that issue calls to prayer, when the sign on the green summons Suffieldians to vote, I am compelled to respond.