A True Community

What is a community? The dictionary defines it as “a feeling of fellowship with others”; in biology, it encompasses “all of the organisms that inhabit a particular area.”

Fond Farewell to Principal Dunn

The staff of the Observer sends a fond farewell to Scott Dunn, Principal of A. Ward Spaulding Elementary School.

Slow Progress

Do you recall the October 2015 Town referendum vote to approve bonding for (1) road and drainage improvements, (2) renovations and improvements to Suffield Town Hall and (3) renovations and improvements to Bridge Street School for conversion to a town community recreation center?

Funnies Funny?

Does anyone at the age of twenty-one and under ever read the Sunday comics anymore?

So Many Choices

Some of us can make choices in a second and some like to contemplate them; but some choices are made without us even being aware of it.