King of the Woods

Back when we were growing up, we had one of those squat console television sets in our family room with rabbit ear antennae. It was one of my brother’s jobs to wrap hunks of tin foil around those rabbit ears and to adjust them based on the prevailing winds so that we could tune in our favorite shows.

Helping our Feathered Friends

As many Suffield residents have noticed lately, this winter has brought with it an influx of barred owls. It’s been a treat to have an opportunity to observe owls so easily when most of us had rarely, if ever, seen one!

Where’s Waldo?

I first spotted him on December 21, 2018, in a torrential rain storm. It was a Friday morning and I was getting ready for work.

Bee Boxes Built

In recent years, the news has spread that our local flora, including essential food crops, is threatened by the shrinking population of pollinating bees. So on March 3, about 50 people interested in doing something about it gathered at the Second Baptist Church at 3 p.m. in a program sponsored by the Green Team of the church, the Friends of the Farm at Hilltop, and the Suffield Land Conservancy.

The Acrobatic Nuthatch

Around this time of year my face is pressed to the window by our bird feeder watching the nuthatches scrabble up and down the tree trunks. The white breasted nuthatch is a fairly common visitor in these parts.