Show Respect, Hands Off

As we approach voting season, more lawn signs supporting candidates, as well as issues that are of concern to our community, will be popping up.

An Election Year Plea

Well another election season is upon us. But this editorial is not going to encourage you to vote.

Voting in CT

On April 7, dozens of voters in Wisconsin contracted COVID-19 when they voted in-person. On November 3, CT residents may risk that outcome.

How Covid-19 Has Affected Students

In February 2020, most Suffield students had found themselves continuing to endure a busy and demanding schedule, on track to finish the school year strong; however, Covid-19 suddenly put the year on pause, instilling boredom, fear and loneliness in many.

A Trucker’s Perspective

Social distancing is anything but a new protocol for long-haul truck drivers, we’ve been doing it for decades. In fact, working alone is what brings some people to the job.

Comedy Needed

The coronavirus is no laughing matter. Since March, it’s been difficult to even chuckle.