Support for the Observer

The Suffield Observer newspaper has always lived up to its mission: “To build a sense of community… and provide a forum where all sides of issues may be addressed.”

Remembering Suffield Town Center

The demolition of the old Suffield, Connecticut town center was the biggest mistake the Town ever made. Why wasn’t the town center placed in the Historic District by the Historic District Commission?

Library Staff – “Thank You”

The community of Suffield should be thankful to Jackie Hemond, Library Director, and her library staff. With the Kent Memorial Library closed for almost five years, they managed to provide services to our residents through an undersized temporary building on Fyler Place.

We Are the World

Bienvenido a los Estados Unidos. Welcome.


True creative output comes from within and cannot be squeezed out by force. No school assignment could set off the same eruption of raw creative passion that I experience through accepting my sporadic impulse to write; to allow my ideas to surface and to watch them climb into the vessel of articulated language.

Pay to Play

With the incoming school year commencing August 29, Suffield High School students will be forced to make some financial adjustments. That is, if they want to continue and/or take up playing a sport.