Election Process Underway

Endorsement of candidates for municipal offices will be made by major political parties sometime between July 16 and 23. Notice of the dates will be published at least five days prior.

A Great Day for a Traditional Race

The Suffield Firemen have seldom selected a race day with more perfect weather than what prevailed on the morning of June 2, when firefighter Sam Ho blew a blast on his air horn and the Paul R. Simison Memorial Annual 5K Road Race began. (Chief Chuck Flynn would have been the starter, but he was a bit lame that day.) A bit more than 17 minutes later, Suffield Academy freshman track team member Jack Lynam, age 15, was the first to cross the finish line, timed electronically at 17:21, for a pace of 5.35 minutes per mile.

Suffield 350th Golf Fundraiser

They say “Third Time’s the Charm,” well Friday, October 11, will actually be the fourth time that the Suffield 350th Anniversary Committee has scheduled our golf fundraiser. Rainy weather and soggy course conditions have been our nemesis, but October can also be great time of year to play golf!

Suffield Remembers

Hundreds of Suffieldians applauded the town’s traditional Memorial Day parade (on May 27 this year) and enjoyed the pomp and ceremony at Veteran’s Park – and those who could hear appreciated what was said. For those not standing close to the Veterans Memorial and the loudspeakers: the ceremony differed in several ways from the usual.

Newest Nonprofit in Town Will Change Lives

Partnering to Reach Aspirations now has tax exempt status and aims to transition recent graduates with mild Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from student life to independent living. An Amiel P. Zak Public Service Grant will help provide educational opportunities to Suffield residents, educators and business leaders in order to better understand the strengths and needs of our young adults on the spectrum and provide them opportunities to pursue their strengths and interests.