Be a Neighbor

It was a luxury car, red, and had New York plates. It pulled up to me, and a couple – maybe in their mid-60s – were looking for the movie theater. They had lived in town years ago, and had come up from New York City to see what’s become of the place.

Retiring Officer Well Feted

According to the dictionary, to fete is to honor with a celebration, and Officer Peter Osowiecki was very much honored at the big retirement party his friends held for him on April 5. Over 200 came to the Sun Valley Resort banquet hall in Stafford that evening, including fellow officers and leaders of the Suffield Police Department, along with a diverse crew of folks he had helped during his 30 years of service.

What’s a Barn Quilt?

When Donna Sue Groves decided to honor her Mother Maxine by painting a big quilt block on their Ohio tobacco barn, she did not realize she was starting a movement! Today barn quilt “trails” are found across all 50 states and Canada!

$1,000 Scholarships Still Available

The Observer is still looking for worthy high school seniors interested in a $1,000 scholarship for college. Surely, there are parents and high school seniors out there who might find an extra $1,000 helpful toward college expenses.

Internet Provides Opportunity for Local Startup

On Monday, March 4, a new way to generate some income from your property was introduced. Launching from Suffield, Events at HOME (your dream home for your dream day) offers homeowners the opportunity to rent out their private land, house or barn for weddings, events and corporate gatherings a few times per year.