In the Observer’s November issue update on the Town Hall renovation project, our reporter referred to the suggestion of a garden planter between the segments of the planned new handicapped accessibility ramp to be added, and described the planter as a proposal of the Suffield Garden Club. The club advises that the planter was not proposed by them.

Economic Development Progress

Even during these challenging times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Suffield Economic Development is making progress and there are signs of promise with serious interest in some of the commercial properties on the market.

Veterans Weren’t Forgotten

For a moment, it seemed possible that Suffieldians who showed up at Veterans Park for this year’s traditional Veterans Day observance might have been surprised and disappointed. There had been no publicity for the event.

Traffic Signal Project Pauses

At the end of October, the “in-ground” crew from contractor NY Conn had completed their segment of the substantial renovation of the signal lights and related matters of the town center double intersection, so they packed up and went off to other projects.

Town Stalwart Retires

“The Town established an Engineering Department by hiring a full time Town Engineer on August 15, 1988. Duties of the Town Engineer include work on road, drainage, and other municipal projects, advising and performing field inspections for the Zoning and Planning Commission, work with the Conservation Commission on drainage reviews and soil erosion and sedimentation control, coordination with various municipal departments, consultants, developers and contractors and responding to residents’ complaints on drainage and road concerns.”