Land Conservancy Plans Outdoor Learning Center

The Suffield Land Conservancy (SLC) is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and to celebrate, they are establishing a 23-acre outdoor learning center directly across from the Suffield High School (SHS). A principal mission of the SLC is to educate the community about our natural surroundings and the impact of nature on the health of our planet.

Land Conservancy Receives Major Gift of Land

The Suffield Land Conservancy (SLC) is pleased to announce the recent donation of over 60 acres of land off of Taintor Street. The Robert W. Baker Nursery and Baker family gave this property to preserve the lot that includes woodlands, open meadows and wetland areas, including vernal pools.

Suffield Land Conservancy Virtual Annual Meeting

The Suffield Land Conservancy (SLC) will be holding its annual meeting through Zoom on Thursday, December 3. We will be reviewing our many activities in 2020, including our purchase of 23 acres directly across from Suffield High School that will become the John and Madeline McClean outdoor learning center and classroom.

2017-2018 Budget

This year’s budget presents a great challenge for the Boards of Selectmen, Education and Finance.

Our America Past and Present

In 1883, when Emma Lazarus penned her immortal poem that graces the base of the Statue of Liberty, she was speaking of the safety and opportunity that America offered “the wretched refuse of your teeming shore”.