There Is Goodness Afoot

It’s sometimes hard to hear the good things happening around us, what with all the stories about continued gun violence, invasions of immigrants, hacking of voting places, media disparagement, name calling, and worries about health care, to name a few. It’s good, then, to reflect on some of the good that regular citizens do that make this country great.

Shakepeare’s Henry V

Recently I attended a performance of Shakespeare’s Henry V at the Hartford Stage Company; I found it satisfactory though not exemplary. Because I had not read the play since college, I watched the rendition on DVD by Kenneth Branagh.


 In the Observer’s November issue, an editorial on Page 2 misstated the amount of land in Suffield that has been preserved from development. (The “237,000+ acres” stated would be almost ten times the area of the town.) In the Town administration’s presentation to the October 10 Town Meeting, the amount preserved by the Town was listed as 1,373 acres, about five percent of the town’s total area.

A Town Treasure: Suffield Academy

Dear Editor,

As a proud resident of Suffield (since 1970), I am writing to detail the positive impact that Suffield Academy has had on my children and other children who went through the Suffield Public school system. I coached travel basketball for boys and girls, grades 5–8.