Pay to Play and Student Parking Passes

As a former 12-year member and Chair of the Suffield Board of Education during difficult economic times, I faced more than my fair share of difficult budget fights. Class sizes soared, building maintenance and desperately needed capital projects were put off, (to the town’s ultimate detriment I might add), administration was reduced, and extracurricular activities at the high school especially were eliminated.

Signs, signs, signs

When someone places a sign on the Town Green or along a roadside, I assume that they want the public to know something. Usually the main message is in large, readable letters.

Pay to Play

Dear Editors,

The Board of Education has just imposed pay to play and parking fees on high school students in Suffield. To quote the Yankee Institute’s recent review of the State Legislature’s budget diversion of public transportation funds to create a crisis requiring tolls: “Creating a crisis to justify the imposition of unpopular and unnecessary measures is an offensive way to conduct public policy.”

I hope the citizens of Suffield will see through this maneuver of Chairman Davis and the rest of the Board for what it is, offensive to say the least.

Be Bear Aware!

There are many more bears in the vicinity in part because habitats are shrinking, but also because people provide food without realizing it. Once the bears are used to the food sources, they come back and can often cause problems for the entire neighborhood, causing property damage and sometimes threatening human or pet safety.

First Selectman’s Update

I begin with a sincere apology. To all who made it a point on Memorial Day to attend the parade and ceremony as a heartfelt way to show your deep gratitude to our fallen servicemen; and in particular to our honored veterans; I am sorry for the poor sound system that left many unable to hear the meaningful speeches given.

Response to Selectman’s Criticism

As a volunteer and occasional coeditor at the Observer, I take exception to certain comments in First Selectman Melissa Mack’s column about the paper. In a discussion with Suffield Middle School students about her job, she chose to take a cheap shot at the Observer due to her distress over an article written about the Suffield Police Department.

Food For Thought

“America is much more than a geographical fact. It is a political and moral fact — the first community in which men set out in principle to institutionalize freedom, responsible government, and human equality.” – Adlai Stevenson

Town Hall Project Begins

After general contractor Gilbane and architect/engineer QA&M had been selected for the Town Hall renovation and expansion project, Town officials and contractor representatives held an hour-long kick-off meeting on May 16. Key members of Gilbane Building and QA&M Architects met with the Permanent Building Commission and Facilities Manager Chris Matejek for a general acquaintanceship and an initial exploration of many aspects of the program.