Blowing in the Wind

Before and during January’s Blizzard Brody, many of us weather-watchers heard forecasters toss about terms that we have never or rarely heard.

Take a Lesson from Churchill

I am often annoyed, even disgusted, by the movies promoted in the Coming Attractions at nearly every movie theater.

Wishful Thoughts

The Hartford Courant on December 31 published a bunch of imaginative headlines suggested by the newspaper’s staff, like AMAZON PICKS HARTFORD and Legislature Finds $4 Billion Under Couch Cushions.

Local Homeowners’ Benefit Program

The Assessor would like to remind elderly and totally disabled homeowners that the filing period for the state and local Homeowners benefit program has opened and will end on Tuesday, May 15.

Moving to Beat Cancer

Ryan Englander, a graduate of Suffield High School, has developed a new gene editing technique for the treatment of cancer, along with two other students, at the University of Connecticut.

At the King House Museum’s annual Holidayfest on the first weekend of December, curator Lester Smith demonstrates “Chiromagica” to Chris Childs, left, and Jacquie Wadsworth.  The mysterious 1905 game was one of the oldest in the event’s special exhibit: “Vintage Parlor Games.”

Playful Theme Entertains at King House

Did you play Candy Land or Clue when you were young? If so, you would have seen some old favorites at the 2017 Holidayfest at the King House Museum.

Food For Thought

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” – Dr. Mae Jemison, first African-American female astronaut

Bob Sheldon, center, is interviewed about a World War One letter from his grandmother to his uncle in the Navy. Sheldon was participating in a State Library program.

WWI Documented

A team from the Connecticut State Library came to the Suffield Senior Center on November 18 to collect digital documentation of Connecticut’s experience in the Great War.

Where We’ve Been. Where We’re Going. Nowhere?

As many of our readers know, a Town referendum was held in October 2015 asking the town to vote to “appropriate $8.4 million for renovations and improvements to Bridge Street School for conversion to a town community center.”