Fred Sweitzer

Retiree Honored By Local Dignitaries

Stepping down from the Suffield Juvenile Review Board after 20 years, Fred Sweitzer was recognized on June 1 for his outstanding and dedicated service to the youth of Suffield.

Hilltop Visit

Local Politicos Tour Hilltop

Howie Orr and Tom Wardell show Sen. John Kissel, Rep. Bill Simanski, and Rep. Tami Zawistowski around the interior of the creamery in the big barn at Hilltop Farm.

Bridge Street School Community Center Update

In the last few months there has been continuing discussion surrounding the abatement of environmental hazards at BSCC and how that is being funded. The abatement of Bridge Street School is a necessity and a town obligation in order to move forward with renovation into a community center.

Food for Thought

July 4th, International Left-Hander’s Day, Mosquito Day, Be An Angel Day, and Women’s Equality Day (signing of 19th Amendment).